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A massive, brute like tabby she-cat was asleep in her den, curled up into a ball. She heard a cat outside her den, padding its way there. She raised her noble head. "What is it Mountainclaw?" She mewed. "A new cat has arrived!" The she-cat ambled to her paws, following the deputy outside. Cats gathered around the new cat, pelting them with questions. And that new cat is you. Help LuminousClan get advanced, and spread across Jamaa. We need more cats, and more reputation. We look beautiful, but our gaze is cold.

This Clan is about loyalty, bravery, and trustworthy cats. This Clan is advanced. Cats who join this Clan are allowed to have rouge names. Basic and Advanced vocabulary is allowed. We do NOT take in kittypets ( who havent read the books) Into our Clan. The leader ( Lake or Lakestar ) is sumotiger256. Make sure to buddy her if you are joining. Fill out the joining form to officially be a LuminousClan member :)


º Advanced vocab

º Realistic roleplay

º Rouge names

º Advanced anatomy

º Medicine cats with mates


º Power players

º Kittypets ( Who havent read the books )

º Graphic ( violent or sexual ) roleplay

º Drama in high levels

º Other stuff I dont want to name cause Im too lazy :)


Member back items: Elf armor, spartan armor, jamaaliday bow, sword, nothing

Member neck item: Spiked collar ( rare or non rare ) leaf necklace, nothing

Member leg item: Legendary glove, silver glove, elf bracelets

Member head item: Skull helmet, nothing

Member tail item: Elf tail, nothing

Non member head item: Fox hat, nothing

Non member back item: Sword, nothing

Non member leg item: Silver glove, rare glove, nothing

Non member neck item: Jamaaliday scarf, nothing


LEADER x1 ----\/

Name: Lakestar Apprentice: N/A Gender: Female Mate: N/A Desc: Lake is a pale gray she-cat with dark gray stripes, and ebony underbelly. She has luminous ice blue eyes, with a calm, and caring personality.

DEPUTY x1 ----\/

Name: Mountainclaw Gender: Female Apprentice: N/A Mate: N/A Desc: Mountainclaw is a pale brown she-cat, splotched with lighter brown colors, and a sandy colored belly. She has a calm, and playful personality, and cranky at times.


WARRIORS unlimited ---V

Name: Thundertail Gender: Male Mate: Witheredleap

Name: Witheredleap Gender: Female Mate: Thundertail User: Witheredleap





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Lakestar, your leader (3

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