Welcome to Ask GustEevee! Here, people will ask GustEevee ( The person/Pokemon who answers the questions )

We have a DeviantArt! Link in the talk. I hope you have some great questions for GustEevee to answer! We've already been asked two questions! I hope you have a great time on the page :)


º Please don't ask crude, inappropriate, or just bizarre questions. GustEevee dun like it.

º GustEevee needs some time answering questions. Please dont overrun her with questions! She wont have time to read them all if you spam them in!

º Also, if you hate this page, Pokemon, Eevee, or anything in this page... just don't come to this page at all if you hate it so much.

º The final rule of this page is to, HAVE FUN WITH THIS BLOG -w-


In this part of the page, here will be the news and the questions in the blog. Your question might be featured here!


GustEevee will be so happy when she gets to answer these questions! And, all the support on Animal Jam, Wikia, and DeviantArt! We'll be grateful for all the support you guys have given us!

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